Sharing Clinical Reports Project (SCRP)

What is SCRP?

SCRP stands for the Sharing Clinical Reports Project.  It is a volunteer, grass-roots effort initiated by Drs. Robert Nussbaum and Heidi Rehm to encourage open sharing of variant information.  SCRP specifically aims to collect information on BRCA1/2 variants and make this information publicly available in the NCBI's ClinVar.

Why BRCA1/2 variants only?

The need to expand this effort to include (all) other genes is readily apparent.  There is a parallel effort underway through ClinGen to collect similar data directly from clinical testing laboratories.  However, because of the clinical importance of BRCA1 and BRCA2, the restrictions on who can do clinical testing in the United States, and the loss of open access to the variant database maintained by Myriad Genetics in 2006, BRCA1/2 represents a special case where we are seeking this information from you, the providers who ordered the test, instead of the laboratory doing the testing. 

What are we looking for?

We are requesting de-identified BRCA1/2 variants found in your patients (without duplicating members of the same family who carry the same variants) as well as the interpretation.  We are looking for centers to submit ALL variants reported by Myriad Genetics since January 2006, NOT just variants of uncertain significance.  We are also looking for amended reports, which allow us to capture more benign variants, and prompts submitters to give us the most up to date classification of the variant.

Where can I look up variants that have been collected by SCRP?

All variants are availble in ClinVar under the submitter Sharing Clinical Reports Project (SCRP).

How many variants have been collected so far?


The goal of SCRP is to put variants in BRCA1 and BRCA2 that have been reported by Myriad Genetics, Inc. to cancer genetics or hereditary cancer clinics in the US since January 2006 into ClinVar.

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How to Submit Data

Instructions for submitting your clinic' s BRCA1/2 data to SCRP.

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Information for Clinicians

Answers to frequently asked question regarding sharing de-identified health information and the goals of this project.

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Information for Patients

Free the Data is a related effort for patients to share their own BRCA1/2 results with ClinVar.

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Wall of Fame

A list of all of our contributors.

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