How to Submit Data

Methods for submitting data to SCRP:

Method #1: Original reports may be submitted by fax, mail or email attachment after obscuring all identifying patient information per the example. 

Method #2: Variant data may be sent by email in spreadsheet format.  SCRP Excel template available here.

Submit results to:
Danielle Azzariti, MS, CGC
fx 617-768-8513 / ph 617-768-8574 / 

Please note:

  • Please contribute all BRCA1 or BRCA2 reports after 2006 with any variant classification (not just VUS reports) 

  • All submitting institutions will be added to the Wall of Fame, unless otherwise noted.  Please let us know if your institution should NOT appear on the list. 
  • Limited funding has been made available in order to compensate participating centers. 

    • Reimbursement at the rate of $1 per original report and $0.33 per spreadsheet row is available. 

    • Download invoice and cover sheet and send with data to Danielle Metterville

  • Apple iPad Minis will be awarded to the first 20 centers that submit 200 unique patient results!