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The value of genomic variant ClinVar submissions from clinical providers: Beyond the addition of novel variants

Karen E. Wain, Emily Palen, Juliann M. Savatt, Devin Shuman, Brena Finucane, Andrea Seeley, Thomas D. Challman, Scott M. Myers, Christa Lee Martin

With the increasing use of clinical genomic testing across broad medical disciplines, the need for data sharing and curation efforts to improve variant interpretation is paramount. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) ClinVar database facilitates these efforts by serving as a repository for clinical assertions about genomic variants and associations with disease. Most variant submissions are from clinical laboratories, which may lack clinical details. Laboratories may also choose not to submit all variants. Clinical providers can contribute to variant interpretation improvements by submitting variants to ClinVar with their own assertions and supporting evidence. The medical genetics team at Geisinger's Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute routinely reviews the clinical significance of all variants obtained through clinical genomic testing, using published ACMG/AMP guidelines, clinical correlation, and post-test clinical data. We describe the submission of 148 sequence and 155 copy number variants to ClinVar as "provider interpretations." Of these, 192 (63.4%) were novel to ClinVar. Detailed clinical data were provided for 298 (98.3%), and when available, segregation data and follow-up clinical correlation or testing was included. This contribution marks the first large-scale submission from a neurodevelopmental clinical setting and illustrates the importance of clinical providers in collaborative efforts to improve variant interpretation.

Date November 1, 2018
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