ClinGen In The News

Dec 2018
FDA Recognizes ClinGen Assertions in ClinVar - Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions related to the FDA's recognition of ClinGen assertions in ClinVar.

Oct 2018
Putting variants into practice: ClinGen, ClinVar, and the challenge of interpreting genetics in the clinic

While efforts to standardize how genetic variants are interpreted for patient care have come a long way in the last five years, they still have far to go.

Oct 2018
NIH-supported projects remove major obstacles standing in the way of genomic medicine

ClinGen and ClinVar address major obstacles to genomic medicine.

Oct 2018
Special issue of journal highlights ClinGen program

Press release from Baylor College of Medicine on the special issue of Human Mutation highlighting ClinGen & ClinVar.

Oct 2018
Human Mutation Special Issue Features ClinGen, a GA4GH Driver Project

News from the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health on the Human Mutation Special Issue 

Oct 2018
Publications Highlight Findings Emerging From ClinGen Program

GenomeWeb article on the Human Mutation Special Issue

Jul 2018
Clinical Genome Workgroup Offers Guidance to Clinicians With Minimal Backgrounds in Genetics

Cancer Network describes the work of the ClinGen Consent and Disclosure Recommendations (CADRe) Workgroup on developing tools to guide clinicians with minimal genetics background.

Jul 2018
Association for Creatine Deficiencies Expands Patient Insights Network to Enable Data Sharing With ClinVar

The Association for Creatine Deficiencies (ACD) is working with Geisinger, a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) grantee to share genetic and health information from patients affected by creatine deficiencies. 

Jun 2018
ClinGen Expert Panel Evaluates Validity of Genes Reported to be Associated with Brugada Syndrome

ClinGen (Clinical Genome Resource) Expert Panel Evaluates Validity of Genes Reported to be Associated with Brugada Syndrome: One Gene Reaffirmed; 20 Gene Associations Disputed.

Apr 2018
ASH Announces Partnership with the University of North Carolina, a ClinGen Grantee, to Curate Genomic Data for Blood Disease Research

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) today announced a partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) grantee, to develop a broad and accessible compendium of genomic data aimed at improving the diagnosis of some blood cancers and disorders.

Jan 2018
ClinGen Implementing Strategies to Resolve Variant Classification Conflicts in ClinVar

GenomeWeb describes Heidi Rehm's update on ClinGen's strategies to resolve variant classifications conflicts in ClinVar at a US Food and Drug Administration public workshop this week focused on variant classification and interpretation efforts within precision oncology.

Oct 2017
GA4GH strikes formal collaborations with 15 international genomic data initiatives

ClinGen is named as one of the 15 driver projects of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.

Jul 2017
ClinGen Lists Labs Meeting Requirements for Quality Data Sharing on Genetic Variants

GenomeWeb describes ClinGen's published  list of labs that meet certain requirements ensuring the quality of data they've submitted within a public database.

Mar 2016
Mother's Negligence Suit Against Quest's Athena Could Broadly Impact Genetic Testing Labs
GenomeWeb reports on a suit against Quest Diagnostics' Athena, and mentions the role ClinGen is playing in developing a "shared knowledge-base of genes and genetic variants important to human health."
Jan 2016
GenomeConnect: Help advance research by donating your genetic information
This Genome Magazine article gives a brief overview of GenomeConnect and summarizes how interested individuals can participate.
Jun 2015
ClinGen and Lessons for the Precision Medicine Initiative
A Bio-IT World article and interview with Heidi Rehm, with an in-depth focus on ClinGen and lessons for the Precision Medicine Initiatve
May 2015
NHGRI News Feature: ClinGen setting standards for when genes and their variants matter in disease
Highlighting ClinGen's work to establish rules and infrastructure, pushing genomic medicine closer to reality
Nov 2014
GenomeConnect Profiled in ACMG Newsletter
GenomeConnect, the ClinGen patient portal, was profiled in the November 2014 issue of ACMG in Action.
Aug 2014
An Overview of the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) and the ClinVar Database
An overview of ClinGen and ClinVar by Heidi Rehm for the Knome blog.
Mar 2014
ClinGen Efforts Highlighted at 2014 ACMG Meeting
ICCG and the ClinGen Resource were the focus of the Highlights Plenary session at the 2014 ACMG meeting in Nashville, TN.
Jan 2014
How Genomic Data Sharing will Revolutionize Healthcare
ICCG members write about how genomic data sharing will revolutionize health care on
Nov 2013
ACOG and SMFM now recommend CMA as First Tier Test
ACOG and SMFM have just released a new committee opinion recommending chromosomal microarray as the first-tier genetic test for pregnancies with ultrasound anomalies.
Nov 2013
On the Leading Edge of Genomics and Patient Care Delivery
ICCG's work supporting greater connectivity between genomic research and patient care delivery is profiled in this Healthcare Informatics piece.
Oct 2013
NIH Takes on Human Genome Variant Collection, Curation Project with $25M in Grants to Three Groups
GenomeWeb reports on the three NIH-funded Clinical Genome Resource grants, including funding awarded to ICCG investigators.
Oct 2013
Under ClinGen Grant, BWH-led Team to Develop Standards for Variant Data Collection and Curation
BioInform profiles ICCG's efforts to " build a framework for evaluating and describing the roles that genomic variants play in disease development" and "set... standards for gathering and depositing data into public resources."
Oct 2013
NIH Seeks Better Database for Genetic Diagnosis
Science reports on NIH's goal to develop the Clinical Genome Resource into a unified database for medically relevant human genetic variants.
Sep 2013
NIH Announces $25m Grants to Develop Framework for Evaluating Genetic Variants
BioIT World covers the announcement of NIH's funding to the three grants composing the Clinical Genome Resource project, including funding awarded to ICCG investigators.