Expert Panels

Guidelines for Applying for Expert Panel Review Status in ClinVar

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For submitted variants to be assigned Expert Panel criteria level, the submitter must meet all requirements for Single Source status as well as the additional requirements described below. Applications for Expert Panel status must be reviewed and approved by the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) program.

  1. Panel Membership - A membership list must be provided for review when requesting Expert Panel status for submissions. It is recommended that the expert panel include medical professionals caring for patients relevant to the disease gene in question, medical geneticists, clinical laboratory diagnosticians and/or molecular pathologists who report such findings and appropriate researchers relevant to the disease, gene, functional assays and statistical analyses. It is expected that the individuals comprising the expert panel process represent multiple institutions. It is expected that the individuals comprising the expert panel should be international in scope, and are considered by the community to be experts in the field based on publications and long-standing scope of work. ClinGen hopes that there is only one expert panel per gene and that the panel is inclusive of known experts in the field. Therefore, if you have expertise in a gene that is already evaluated by an expert panel, please consider joining efforts with the existing panel or provide justification for the necessity of an additional panel. We encourage newly forming expert panels to contact ClinGen ( early in the process to discuss the formation of the panel.
  2. Conflict of Interest - Information should be provided with regard to any potential financial conflicts of interest of the panel members and how conflicts are managed.

Expert Panel Toolkit

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This document is intended to provide guidance for existing groups or groups who are planning to assemble as Expert Panels for the curation of variants in clinically relevant genes. It describes the rating system that ClinGen uses in the ClinVar database to represent the level of review any ClinVar variant has undergone, and describes the application process for obtaining Expert Panel status. Please note that this document applies both to groups forming outside and within the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen), but that certain sections apply specifically to one or the other. The Expert Panel Toolkit is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Last updated Dec 2017