GenomeConnect's Participant Matching Feature

Individuals and families can now connect with other participants via GenomeConnect's "Participant Matching" feature on! Through this feature, you can sort by gene, diagnosis, or US state, and view all GenomeConnect participants who are interested in connecting with others. As of May 2016, 5% of GenomeConnect participants have the potential to match on gene, 26% could match on a specific diagnosis, and 86% could match on US State.

  • To search, you will first need to agree to participate in this feature. You can do that by signing in to your GenomeConnect account. On your profile page, click "Account Information" and, if you wish to participate in the matching system, select "Yes" to the question "Would you like to join the GenomeConnect participant matching system, which will allow you to search for and contact other GenomeConnect members, and will allow other GenomeConnect members to contact you?" If you do not wish to participate in this feature, select "No."
  • If you agree to participate in the feature, you can then search for participants based on diagnosis, gene, or US state. For each participant listed in the search results, you will see the participant’s age, gender, and location. To send a message - click "Contact." The first message is sent through the online system, and once both participants agree to connect, you can exchange personal contact information.  To check out this feature, go to your GenomeConnect Profile and click on "Member Matching."
  • To make sure your matches can find you based on diagnosis and gene, update your "Health Reason for Registration" under your Account Information and be sure to upload a copy of your genetic testing report to your profile under "Attachments."
  • Please contact the study coordinators at if you have questions or need assistance!