ClinGen's Curation Interfaces

ClinGen curation interfaces are currently only available to ClinGen biocurators and expert panel members.  
Results of these curation activities are available to the public through our Search feature.

Additional Curation Resources

Alelle Registry

Provides unique allele identifiers 

ClinGen Curated Genes & Diseases

List of genes and diseases curated by ClinGen 

Microarray Tracks

Tools for microarray analysis including custom tracks and array design files 

Pathogenicity Calculator

Enter ACMG-AMP evidence tags to generate classifications

Structural Variation Database Search

Search our database of thousands of structural variation cases 

Variant Explorer

Tool to facilitate identification of clinical significance discrepancies in ClinVar

Resources for Laboratories & Clinicians

ClinGen Search

Search ClinGen's curated resources

Consent Resources

Consent template for broad data sharing

How to share your data

Resources to share data with ClinVar and GenomeConnect

External Genomics Resources

Search genomics resources outside of ClinGen

Get Involved

Ways to participate in ClinGen activities

GenomeConnect: The ClinGen Patient Registry


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GenomeConnect Body System Survey

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