Sharing Resources For Laboratories

The primary method for laboratories to share data is with ClinVar, a freely accessible, public archive hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and funded by intramural National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. Choose one of the resources below to get started.

Learn about the ClinGen & ClinVar Partnership

ClinVar and ClinGen have formed a critical partnership to improve our knowledge of clinically relevant genomic variation.  This partnership includes significant efforts in data sharing, data archiving, and collaborative curation to characterize and disseminate the clinical relevance of genomic variation. Learn more.

Benefits of Sharing Variant Classifications with ClinVar

Given the rarity of most variants of clinical relevance, it is imperative that genomic variant classifications and supporting evidence are shared in a public, centralized database such as ClinVar to improve both our understanding of genomic variation and patient care that relies on this information. ClinGen has compiled a handout with a list of benefits of sharing data with ClinVar.  

ClinVar Submission Portal

Ready to submit your data to ClinVar? Go directly to the Submission Portal.

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ClinVar Submission Wizard

If you have a single variant interpretation to submit, you can use the ClinVar Submission Wizard in the Submission Portal. You will be prompted to describe the variant, the condition, your interpretation, and the supporting evidence. 

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ClinVar Submission Instructions

Need assistance preparing your ClinVar submission? Find guidance from ClinGen.

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Variant-Level Submission Guidance

Points to consider for sharing variant level information from clinical genetic testing with ClinVar.

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Sample Data Sharing Protocols

Sample protocols for genomic data sharing.

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Preferred Condition List

Resource for identifying the preferred Condition terms to submit to ClinVar with clinical significance assertions.

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Consent Resources

A customizable consent form and supplementary video for broad genomic data sharing.

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Clinical Lab Data Sharing List

Join the list of clinical labs who meet a minimum standard of data sharing. 

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