Publications, Posters, and Presentations


Conference Presentations

  • Stanford Medicine X 2016: GenomeConnect - Making Connections and Engaging Patients in Genomic Discovery
  • American College of Medical Genetics 2017: Contacting Patients with Updated Variant Interpretations: An Innovative Approach Utilizing GenomeConnect, an Online Patient Registry.
  • American Society of Human Genetics 2017: The impact of sharing patient-derived data in ClinVar via GenomeConnect.
  • National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Conference 2017: Preconference Symposium - Unlocking the Acronyms: Research Genetic Counselors and the NIH Partnering Together to Improve Patient Care
  • Curating the Clinical Genome 2018: GenomeConnect: Sharing Individual Level Data Through Patient Registries
  • American Society of Human Genetics 2018: Patient-data sharing of whole exome sequencing results with GenomeConnect informs variant interpretation and gene-disease relationships.
  • Coming Soon!
    • National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Conference 2018: Preconference Symposium - A Collaborative View of Genomic Variant Interpretation: Clinical Genetic Counselors, Laboratories and Patients

Conference Posters

PDFs of posters about GenomeConnect are available for download here. 

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