How to Connect with Participants or Request More Data

If you are a researcher or clinician that wants to connect with participants or request more data, learn more below. 

Requesting Additional Genetic and Health Information

If you have identified a variant or set of variants submitted to ClinVar by GenomeConnect and would like to learn more about the participants' genetic and health data, email our team with your request.

Please include the variant(s) or ClinVar ID(s) as well as any specific questions you may have. Please note that all information will be de-identified. Click to email us and learn more about your variant(s) of interest. 

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Connecting with GenomeConnect Participants

Learn more about how to connect with a particular GenomeConnect participant or group of participants. 

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Acknowledging or Citing GenomeConnect

Click to see how to best cite or acknowledge GenomeConnect in your research or publications.  

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