CDH1 Variant Curation Expert Panel

Pathogenic germline variants in CDH1 have been associated with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer
(HDGC, MIM# 137215), an autosomal dominant cancer predisposition syndrome. Heterozygous CDH1
carriers of pathogenic variants have a significantly increased risk of developing diffuse gastric cancer
(DGC). In addition to gastric cancer, female heterozygous carriers are at risk of developing lobular
carcinoma of the breast. Identification of CDH1 carriers is important, because the characteristic
microscopic foci of signet ring cell adenocarcinoma in HDGC usually involves the submucosa and is
often not readily detectable by routine upper endoscopy screening (Fitzgerald et al., 2010). Due to the
aggressive nature of DGC, the clinical management recommendation for risk reduction is prophylactic
gastrectomy. Given the quality of life issues as a consequence of this preventative and irreversible
surgery, it is imperative that patients and their providers be given high quality information while trying to
limit uncertainty. This Expert Panel will provide assessment regarding the pathogenicity of variants in
CDH1 with respect to a HDGC phenotype.

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Rachid Karam, MD, PhD

Intan Schrader, MBBS, FRCPC, PhD, DABMG


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Xi Luo, PhD

Kristy Lee, MS, CGC


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Xi Luo, PhD

Kristy Lee, MS, CGC


A systematic process of evaluating evidence to classify a genomic variant on a spectrum from pathogenic to benign with respect to a particular disease and inheritance pattern.