Somatic Cancer


Madhavan S1Ritter DMicheel CRao SRoy ASonkin DMccoy MGriffith MGriffith OLMcgarvey PKulkarni S. (2018). ClinGen Cancer Somatic Working Group - standardizing and democratizing access to cancer molecular diagnostic data to drive translational research. Pacific Biosymposium of Biocomputing (23:247-258). PMID: 29218886 

Ritter, D. I., Roychowdhury, S., Roy, A., Rao, S., Landrum, M. J., Sonkin, D., … on behalf of the ClinGen Somatic Cancer Working Group. (2016). Somatic cancer variant curation and harmonization through consensus minimum variant level data. Genome Medicine, 8, 117.


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Shashikant Kulkarni, PhD

Subha Madhavan, PhD


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Shruti Rao


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